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November 28, 2023
Dental Service Organization (DSO) University Announces Grand Opening in Arizona Ahead of New Year

Clinical Management Company to expand training curriculum in 2024 and beyond.

Gilbert, AZ, November 28, 2023 – DSO University (DSO-U), a leading clinical management company providing DSOs with a turnkey solution for developing provider skills, today announced the release of its new cutting-edge training management software platform and continuing education services. The company serves as a one-of-a-kind training solution for dental service organizations and their staff.

“Having been in the private dental space for 20 years, I had long envisioned creating a university where providers could continually hone their skills and help more patients,” said DSO-U founder and CEO, Dr. Sam Bollwinkel. “I’m excited to see the facility come to fruition as we address the need for DSOs to nurture their providers and give them the skills to organically grow their practices.”

With state-of-the-art facilities located in the Phoenix East Valley, DSO-U and its team of seasoned faculty provide participants with hands-on experience working with real patients so they can gain the skills necessary to immediately add new procedures and workflows to their practices.

“I’ve come to DSO University several times now and I always find the hands-on training extremely beneficial,” said Dr. Cameron Blyth “Because of the two 3-day sessions I’ve completed at the University, I have been able to add two new service offerings to my practice, which not only helps my patients, it has also dramatically increased my clinic revenue.”

While DSO-U can help improve the skills of any clinician, the organization is primarily focused on helping DSO’s train a core team of providers who in turn can train other providers within the DSO at the DSO University facility. Training currently being offered includes procedures in orthodontics and endodontics as well as dental implants.

“From start to finish, DSO-U serves as a real-world training ground for our participants,” said DSO-U’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Slade. “Doctors come here having no experience with a new procedure, such as implants or clear aligners, and leave confident in their ability to implement the solution for their patients upon their return.”


About DSO University

DSO University is a leading clinical management company providing DSOs with a turnkey, white-labeled platform for developing provider skills, enhancing brand equity, and driving organic growth. At DSO-U, dental providers gain expert hands-on experience with real patients using the latest equipment in a state-of-the-art training facility. The DSO-U software platform tracks provider progress in becoming proficient on new procedures and technology so they can implement what they learn in their clinics. Customizable to each customer’s unique brand, DSO University helps DSOs develop a training culture, decrease provider turnover, attract new providers, improve patient care, and grow practice revenue. Visit

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Dental Service Organization (DSO) University Announces Grand Opening in Arizona Ahead of New Year
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